Dance Workshop  14.01.2024
with Claudia & Pablo

Next Workshop Date  23.03.2024

This Workshop is designed for everyone (singles, couples, triples) and anyone who is interested in bringing more love, eroticism and freedom into their lives.

Partnerships and loving relations are a key aspect of our lives and contribute significantly to our wellbeing. 
Nowadays, we find ourselves challenging old traditions and ways of understanding how love relationships should be. New questions are arising, new ways of defining what love is are becoming more present, but most of us still struggle when it comes to create relationships filled with eroticism, love and freedom.

Our motivation
We, (Claudia and Pablo) have been a couple for 8,5 years. In that time, we've surfed many waves of encounters and dis-encounters and have learned how to keep the erotic energy and attraction alive, create strong bonds based on profound love and give each other the freedom to follow his/her heart and desires.

During this workshop, we will be honored to share with you what we have learned to wake up, sustain and keep the fire, attraction and care alive.

Some of the guiding questions we want to bring into our workshop are:

• How to use dance to create love ceremonies to celebrate each other, ignite the passion, be playful and open to one another?

• How to strengthen the loving relationship I have with myself, as the basis to enter in loving relationship(s) with others from a healthy place where love and freedom are honored?

• How to create safe spaces for us to meet one another from the soul, emotion, mind and body levels?

• How to work with/honour the polarity (sacred masculine and feminine principles) to create a healthy attraction and an erotic pull-push dynamic in our loving relationship(s)?

• How to benefit from the attraction and eroticism we experience with others to come closer together and strengthen the bond in our loving relationship(s)?

For whom is this workshop?

This workshop is thought for everyone who is curious on how to bring more eroticism, love and freedom into their lives and into their loving relationships.


Life Artists
Milastraße 4, 10437 Berlin


11:00 until 17:30h
- introduction, group exercises
- first dance wave
- lunch (we will have a potluck lunch, please bring smth to share)
- second dance wave
- sharing and closing circle

Doors open from 10:45

The first 10 registrations,
• Just you € 50
• You and a partner you love (of any gender) € 70

After that, 
• Just you € 60
• You and a partner you love (of any gender) € 80

Limited spots


To register write to:

If you have financial concerns but feel the call to be there, please reach out to us.

Rules of encounter

During this workshop there will be NO nudity or sexual intercourse. 
We will use the Biodanza system to create two dance waves that will be complemented by group sharing and process work.

To register, no previous experience in Biodanza is required.

More about Biodanza here

Who is Pablo?
I am Pablo, a Berlin-based entrepreneur, Biodanza teacher, Yogi, coach, and consultant. 
My goal in life is to lead processes of enhancing human consciousness with gratitude and love to help create a better world.
Since 2005 I am a certified Biodanza Didact teacher by the International Biocentric Foundation. 
I support Biodanza students and teachers in deepening their practice and enhancing their comprehension of the system. As a coach, I design and deliver organizational programs with both private and public organizations. 

On a regular basis I am invited to participate as a teacher, dancer and speaker at international events, in more than 20 countries around the world. In Berlin, I organize weekly sessions, workshops and different extensions of Biodanza.
My life has been a journey of searching how to integrate the practical world of business and the integral world of yoga and dance.

Who is Claudia? 
Claudia is a passionate dancer with many years of experience in various types of movement and dance (including Ecstatic Dance, Biodanza, Trance Dance, Shamanic Dance, Tantric Dance). She is a Biodanza teacher under supervision of the Biodanza Schule Berlin Mitte.

Claudia lives and loves embodiment, artistic expression, communication & transparency and is an expert in creating safe spaces of connection, joy, aliveness and flow. She is an artist, a massage therapist and a juicy woman who loves eroticism.

With love and gratitude,
Claudia and Pablo

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